Producer Spotlight

The Carso: Stone and Sea

Benjamin Zidarich and Paolo Vodopivec Terroir, of course, is more than the soil beneath our feet. It is the air around us, and the sky above us. It is the people who work the land, and the cellars in which the wines come to life. It is the distinct soul of a distinct place—a spirit, […]

The 2015 Vintage from Philippe Foreau: The Vintage of a Lifetime

Tasting wine in the dark, cool cellar at the fabled Domaine du Clos Naudin is one of the greatest pleasures of our grower visits. Philippe Foreau’s ambient cellar was dug beneath his vineyards and formed from the same tuffeau stone that donates its mineral complexity to these remarkable wines. Philippe always comes prepared and sets […]

New 2013 Releases from the Cote d’Or

It has been our custom in recent years to let many noteworthy releases arrive at our NY warehouse without any fanfare. Within any given year, there are a throng of important and extremely limited wines that we are compelled to offer and allocate to our clients. We often call your attention to wines that are […]

New Arrivals from Domaine Henri Prudhon: Tradition, Harmony, and Value

Those who decry the lack of access to fine Burgundy need look no further than Domaine Henri Prudhon in Saint-Aubin. While it is undeniably true that the prices of many wines from the most battled-after growers have reached the level of pure commodity, there are still areas of this hallowed region where one can find […]

Domaine Rollin: The Elegant and Classic 2014 Vintage

2017 marks the 35th year of our partnership with the Rollin family in Pernand-Vergelesses. Over the years, first with Maurice and his son Remi, and today with Remi and his son Simon, this remarkable domaine has provided us with wines of finesse, character, and startling purity—and at prices that put to rest the notion there […]

Regis Forey: The 2014 Vintage

On February 6th, we will receive the impressive 2014 vintage wines from Regis Forey. Our visit to his cellar this past September unveiled one of the best lineups we have experienced, perhaps since the great ’89/’90 vintages.  Both the 2014 and 2015 vintages show enormous potential, though we were particularly captivated with the purity and […]

Cappellano: the first and greatest Barolo Chinato…

The tiny Cappellano estate in Serralunga d’Alba is beloved worldwide for its steadfastly traditional, charming, and profound Barolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto. But did you know the family invented the sublime elixir known as Barolo Chinato? That’s right: Dr. Giuseppe Cappellano, a pharmacist by trade, developed this uncanny mixture of vintage Barolo with herbs and spices steeped in […]

An Exploration of St. Romain

Generational shifts in Burgundy can be fraught with anxiety for both winegrower and consumer. The younger generation of vigneron attempts to balance a sense of duty toward tradition and history with a desire to execute a personal vision and philosophy. And the consumer waits with bated breath to see if wines she’s cherished in the […]

ANCIENT TRADITIONS: Chateau Le Puy & Josko Gravner

Next year, 2017, Rosenthal Wine Merchant begins its fortieth year in the wine trade.  That seems like a very long time.  It isn’t actually, I suppose, when you place our presence in the commerce of wine alongside that of several of our producers whose families have been caring for the vine and crafting wines for […]

We Welcome Il Censo

Courtesy of our long friendship with Giampiero Bea, the Umbrian wunderkind and son of Paolo Bea, we had the special good fortune of meeting Gaetano and Nicoletta Gargano, the proprietors of Il Censo, an estate of 65 hectares situated in Bivona in the south-central zone of Sicily near the town of Palazzo Adriana, the site […]

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