Customs and Culture


One of the great joys of my forty-year engagement in the wine trade has been the prolonged and profound immersion in the cultures of France, Italy and Switzerland as I have wended my way across the byways connecting the viticultural regions of these countries. Besides the compelling personalities of the growers with whom I work and the endless number, and evolution, of wines I encounter, there is the mystical pleasure of being surrounded by, and absorbed into, the customs and culture of the individual regions that are home to the vine. Each community stretches back in time, its rich ambience colored by both its agricultural history and its geographical position in the constant European crisscross of civilizations.
Having lived, and luxuriated, in this universe for so many years, it is now a particular pleasure to share the friendships I have made amongst our producers but also with hoteliers, restaurateurs, farmers and artisans of varied stripes and kinds with those of you eager to have a uniquely satisfying travel experience. Thus, the concept of “Customs & Culture” is born to offer to you a series of special voyages the ingredients of which are: intimate encounters with growers, their wines and their families, staying often in small auberges the owners of which are close personal friends, dining in trattorias and bistros where the food is exquisite and served with loving care, enjoying the natural surroundings of awe-inspiring beauty and exploring magical cities rarely visited but home to cultural venues of historic worth.
For 2018, we have constructed three fascinating itineraries, two in Italy and one covering eastern France and Switzerland the details of which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.
Explore our world! And, feel free to contact me directly should you have questions or want to discuss the itineraries in more detail.

Torino and Its Neighboring Wine Regions

A Pilgrimage to Burgundy

Langhe and Liguria

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