Bourgueil “Les Galluches” 2009 from La Petite Mairie

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It has been awhile since we drank a Bourgueil from James Petit so tonight’s experience was delightful for a number of reasons. First, the ’09 “Galluches” is showing brilliantly. Our previous encounters with this wine revealed a wine that was reticent, still youthful and timid. Now, the wine is in bloom. It has a brilliant freshness and a vibrant color, clear varietal character and a no-nonsense expression of terroir. The second aspect of importance is the exceptional value that this wine offers. In its way, it is on a par with a wine like the Barbaresco from De Forville from a value perspective. It is sophisticated, complex and, frankly, cheap. Bottom line: the Bourgueil “Les Galluches” (Domaine de la Petite Mairie) 2009 begs for your attention.



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