JEAN-MARC PILLOT: 2017 & 2016 Report on Consequences of Extreme Weather Conditions

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2016 Bourgogne Blanc “Hauts des Champs”: because of frost damage in “Les Grands Champs”, Pillot used a nearby surviving parcel to make his Bourgogne Blanc. The location and character of this wine is very similar to our normal cuvee.

2016 Frost Loss: Jean-Marc lost about 70% of his chardonnay from the spring frost. Fortunately for us, our strong relationship has protected the quantity of our allocations. While we will receive less 2016 white, we will not see a 70% reduction in our allocation – for example the 900 bottles of “Vergers” we have on reserve is the entire production from this vineyard. Still, take note that there was no Chenevottes made in ’16.

2016 Chassagne Blanc Village: note that his usual parcel of “Les Chaumes” was not produced. The 2016 bottling will be made from a nearby parcel “Les Masures”, which rests just beneath the 1er Cru “Les Champs Gains”.

Rully for 2017: Jean-Marc has gained access (through an old army buddy) to two parcels in Rully “Les Raclot” and “Les Gaudoins”. He is only producing 4 barrels of each wine, so there will not be a lot.

Aligote for 2017: from a small 60r parcel from “Les Cornailles”, which is located below in Chassagne below “Morgeot”. Aged in stainless steel.

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