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The vineyards of the Enfer d’Arvier appellation are situated in an amphitheater-shaped site on steep slopes in a high-altitude valley, which receives ample sun. The shape of this “bowl” of vineyards effectively concentrates the heat of the sun, thus giving birth to the “hell of Arvier” moniker. Danilo Thomain is the only independent vigneron working this tiny appellation only five hectares in size. The Thomain family works one hectare of vineyards here in the shadow of Mont Blanc.
THOMAIN-ENFER-DARVIER Enfer d’Arvier A traditional wine made from the Petit Rouge grape and vinified in cuve, it has a compelling rusticity with a wild berry impression and a lively freshness on the palate. Production at the Thomain estate is approximately 2500 bottles per year, approximately two-thirds of which is shipped to us for the US market!
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Domaine NameDanilo Thomain
Family/Owners NameDanilo Thomain
How many years has the family owned the domaine?The winery was founded in 1920 by my grandfather (Giuseppe Thomain)
How many generations?Third generation
How many hectares of vines are leased?About 1 hectare
How many hectares of vines are owned?About 1 hectare
Are your vineyards or wines Organic or Biodynamic Certified? No, our grapes are not bio
Describe your vineyard management practices (e.g. low-intervention, organic, biodynamic, standard, etc.).Standard vineyard management, as we carry out about five (5) treatments, compared to the approximately twenty (20) of the bio management.
Do you do field work and harvest manually? By machine? By horse?Yes, harvesting is done by hand. We select the bunches and remove damaged grapes.
Do you practice green harvest? Leaf thinning? How do you fertilize?Yes, in the vineyard we remove the leaves by hand. We do not use chemical fertilizers, but only manure.
Do you sell off any of your wine en vrac/allo sfuso?No
% Alcohol by volumeApproximately 13.00
# of bottles produced2015 harvest- 5,000 bottles in 2016
Vineyard/ name(s) and locationsENFER D’ARVIER
Exposures and slope of vineyardsSouthern exposure. The vineyard is 50 meters higher than the town.
Soil Types(s)Our vineyard is on a sandy glacial moraine
Average vine age (per vineyard)Our vines are approximately 35 -40 years old.
Average Vine Density (vines/HA)Each hectare has 10,000 vines, which means one vine per square meter.
Approximate harvest date(s)Around October 10-15. Generally, we have moderate precipitation. In 2016, weather conditions have been very favorable thus far, even though precipitation has been scarce.
whole cluster, % destemmed, %Stems are completely removed
Fermentation: vessel type and sizeFermentation takes place in 1.5 ton fiberglass barrels.
Duration of contact with leesFermentation lasts approximately 2 weeks
Select or indigenous yeast? Natural fermentation
Please describe wine making process for EACH wine such as: pump-overs, punch-downs, racking, movement/transfer of wine done by gravity or pumping?), battonnage, malolactic fermentation allowed, chaptalizationAfter the first fermentation, the wine is poured into other barrels for the second malolactic fermentation. After this process, the wine settles and the lees remain at the bottom of the barrel.
Elevage: vessel type(s) and size(s)Ageing takes place in barrels
Duration of elevageAgeing takes about 9 months
Duration of bottle ageing before release to US marketWine is bottled at the end of July and shipped to the United States in February-March of the following year, so the total ageing is 17 months.
Do you practice fining and filtration? We don't filter our wine and we let it settle naturally
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